Crossword Puzzles! App Reviews

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Good puzzles not too easy!!


Play it with my morning coffee. It wakes up my brain.

Great crossword

Just wish there were more puzzles available


Love it, love it, love it !! My day would not go as well if I did not work several crossword puzzles every day. I purchased the plan where I have as many puzzles to work as I want all the time, and it is worth the small price. These crossword puzzles keep my brain working and sharp all the time. I just love them. This is the best crossword puzzle app I have ever used.

Great puzzles

I always look forward to my daily crossword! I would like to rate it 5 stars because the puzzles are great however, navigation is somewhat annoying and could use some tweaking. Overall, most enjoyable and one of my favorite crossword apps.


Brain aerobics!

Just enough challenge

Easy to do in a short time. Satisfies the crossword urge and if interrupted I can always come back. Still have to do the pen and paper ones too though.

Not enough tickets

Used to be really great, but deleting because they no longer allow you to get enough tickets.

Best crossword app

This is hands down the best crossword app on the App Store- even the ones Ive paid for.

Too many ads

I understand the banners, but a pop-up every time you come back to the app is waaaay too much. Not so much a crossword app as a vehicle for ads.

Ads have become unbearable

I like this app for its level of challenge, and daily free puzzle, but recently the ads have become more frequent and more difficult to click out of. I use this app while doing other things, and having to watch a new video ad every time I click over to read a text message is just too much. Uninstalling for now, hopefully this gets fixed.

Needs better mechanics.

The mechanics are frustrating. Using the next button does not skip completed items. Moving to a partiality solved item jumps to the first box, even if it has already been filled in. Completed boxes should be skipped when completing an item. Trying to tap on a box to add a letter is nearly impossible. The end result is that what should be a relaxing challenge becomes an infuriating mess.

Loving it!

I used to have another crossword app that always froze. This one works well, and the puzzles are great.


This crossword app is only moderately conceived and fair in its implementation. The user interface is not intuitive and progressive. If the designers seek advice on how to improve the interface, it could benefit the user experience. Also, the puzzle contents are sometimes obscure, and not clever. The designers should look at the well-developed crossword industry and pick a level to imitate.


Too expensive for no ads but still enjoy the game

Nice brain teaser

Mildly challenging way to get brain going, yes, some annoyances with how cursor moves from square to square, but easy to manage and correct

Great puzzles

I truly like your puzzles, not too difficult but not too easy either. Quite the challenge for me each day, thanks! Still enjoying your challenging puzzles, thanks! Ive read all the reviews and they describe this app perfectly. Only way to start my day, thanks.

Daily Enjoyment

Really enjoying this app. I indulge myself a kittle quiet time each day to de-stress, unplug and exercise my mind. Enjoy that the puzzles are challenging without being so hard you cant complete, or so easy that theyre boring. Like others have noted, Id prefer the cursor moved to next empty cell or next definition, but its not so horribly annoying that you cant get the hang of it. Overall Id recommend. My bigger annoyance it having to get the extra (free) points. But again, just an inconvenience. Nothing earth shattering. Would recommend to others.


Why cant I access them. I think Im at one year of completing a puzzle a day, but cant find out. Get a not available message.

Fun app

This crossword app is easy to use, moderately challenging, gives hints and reports how long it takes to complete the puzzle. It sends reminders to get you to play every day. I do, and enjoy it.

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